Course Launch: Mindfulness for the Tournament Player

We all want to perform better, let go of an upsetting loss, and overall be more relaxed and focused during our tournaments. This course was designed to specifically help you all throughout the competition. By being more grounded and equanimous you will be able to focus on performing with greater concentration and clarity of thought. Specific sessions will help you overcome upsetting losses or provide a much-needed rest. 

What is inside?

This course is a series of guided meditations in audio and video form. You can download the high-quality audio tracks to keep on your phone or device of choice. 

There is a total of 17 minutes of introductory videos and 47 minutes and 16 seconds of guided practice. The course is structured in the following way:

  1. Introduction/How to use this course (7:23)
  2. Before the game – main morning practice
    1. Introduction to the main practice (0:46)
    2. Main practice (9:49)
  3. Between Rounds – Deep Rest
    1. Introduction – How to use the Deep Rest session (0:52)
    2. Deep Rest (10:00)
  4. After a Loss – Let go of a strong emotion
    1. Introduction – After a loss (2:46)
    2. After a loss – guided meditation – let go of a strong emotion (8:59)
  5. After a Win
    1. Introduction to the session (0:36)
    2. After a win – Shining mind (7:14)
  6. After the Tournament
    1. Introduction to the final practice (1:39)
    2. Final Practice after the tournament – Lovingkindness (4:58)
  7. Extra Material – Pre-game Visualization practice
    1. Introduction – Prepare your own pre-game visualization practice (1:17)
    2. Prepare your pre-game visualization routine (6:16)

How does it work?

This course is not designed to be listened to all at once but to pick and choose specific sessions as appropriate. You can watch the videos or alternatively listen to the audio, as you like. 

Who is this for?

No matter your playing strength anyone can do with a tiny bit more awareness and emotional control. This course truly is for everyone of every age and level!

The skills and benefits of these sessions will go far beyond the tournament and be of great value in daily life.

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