Trust the process 

“For me, it’s not so important to become world champion. I always wanted to become the best player in the world.” Ding Liren.  As the World Chess Championship is over, it is now time to reflect and analyze. One winner,  one loses. We always tend to think that the winner must have done things correctly […]

Course Launch: Mindfulness for the Tournament Player

We all want to perform better, let go of an upsetting loss, and overall be more relaxed and focused during our tournaments. This course was designed to specifically help you all throughout the competition. By being more grounded and equanimous you will be able to focus on performing with greater concentration and clarity of thought. […]

The game-day chess nutrition guide

Eat your way to up the rating ladder. Grasp the basics of fuelling for chess and what to do on a day of OTB. This photo is of the Rogue esports team. What a splendid display of professionalism. Very few packaged snacks, in-house-made burritos, yoghurts with fresh fruits, and salads with chicken, nuts, and bananas. […]

High-performance environments in chess

This post was originally published on my lichess blog on 2022-09-19. Here it is on the website for sake of housekeeping. Enjoy! How to think about performance and organise teams and individual environments. How high-performance environments are built in traditional sports Damien Comolli is the Director of Football at Toulouse FC. Before this, he helped […]

Reflections on Mental Toughness

Musings and reflections on two modern models of Mental Toughness. What is mental toughness? Intuitively we know the great champions are mentally tough (Magnus is much more likely to win after a loss as Nate calculated) and players that faced adversity and collapsed aren’t.  Mentally tough people achieve their challenging goals consistently when confronted with […]

Understanding mental fatigue

If you’re going through hell, keep going. Churchill As chess players, we get tired as we play long games, and are more likely to make mistakes when tired. What is fatigue? How to slow down the onset of fatigue? Let’s have a look at the bio-psycho-social model of endurance performance. Bio-psycho-what? How we act when […]

Team Chess Analytics: Chess ‘Moneyball’

“I’m not worried about Daryl Morey. He’s one of those idiots who believe in analytics” Charles Barkley Maximising score Team chess is fun – you get to play with your friends and team-mates and compete together and also one of the highest competitive forms of chess: the Olympiad is played every two years between countries […]

Shining confidence

From time to time, you stumble upon a foreign language word that describes a concept or an idea you had noticed but had no words for it.  When I read the following:  If you see any of the great Tibetan teachers, they appear radiant even in very simple robes. This radiance that shines forth is […]