Experience with successfully helping 2700+ chess GM.

I use evidence-based practices of optimal performance and turn them into an actionable plan you can follow and benefit from.


  • Sleep monitoring and sleep hygiene.
  • Nutritional best practices – including game day nutrition.
  • Jet lag management.


  • Personalised sports programme.
  • Bespoke periodised training plan to tackle long and difficult mind sports tournaments.
  • Endurance and/or strength training programme.


  • Practical, evidence-based mental preparation tools.
  • Breathwork, Mediation, Mindfullness.
  • Degree from the Sports Science department of the University Paris-Saclay: Techniques of Mental Optimisation (2021).

Latest from the Blog

Trust the process 

“For me, it’s not so important to become world champion. I always wanted to become the best player in the world.” Ding Liren.  As the World Chess Championship is over, it is now time to reflect and analyze. One winner,  one loses. We always tend to think that the winner must have done things correctly…

Course Launch: Mindfulness for the Tournament Player

We all want to perform better, let go of an upsetting loss, and overall be more relaxed and focused during our tournaments. This course was designed to specifically help you all throughout the competition. By being more grounded and equanimous you will be able to focus on performing with greater concentration and clarity of thought.…

The game-day chess nutrition guide

Eat your way to up the rating ladder. Grasp the basics of fuelling for chess and what to do on a day of OTB. This photo is of the Rogue esports team. What a splendid display of professionalism. Very few packaged snacks, in-house-made burritos, yoghurts with fresh fruits, and salads with chicken, nuts, and bananas.…

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