Experience with successfully helping 2700+ chess GM.

I use evidence-based practices of optimal performance and turn them into an actionable plan you can follow and benefit from.


  • Sleep monitoring and sleep hygiene.
  • Nutritional best practices – including game day nutrition.
  • Jet lag management.


  • Personalised sports programme.
  • Bespoke periodised training plan to tackle long and difficult mind sports tournaments.
  • Endurance and/or strength training programme.


  • Practical, evidence-based mental preparation tools.
  • Breathwork, Mediation, Mindfullness.
  • Degree from the Sports Science department of the University Paris-Saclay: Techniques of Mental Optimisation (2021).

Latest from the Blog

Leaning into discomfort

Stop trying to trick yourself into focusing on what is important and address the root cause of distraction. Two positions, two different challenges Position 1: Black to play, and to make it even easier it’s mate in two: For most chess players, this is in the realm of ‘hot cognition’, aka system 1 thinking. Let’s…

My notes from the esports coaching and performance summit 2023

Esports are at the forefront of optimisation and taking lessons from the world of traditional sports – to the chagrin of some chess purists, who see esports as ‘just video games’ and chess as a noble board game of rich history. It is undeniable that chess is a noble rich game but the video game…

Heart Rate Variability for chess players

What is Heart Rate Variability and how to use it for performance improvement. What is Heart Rate Variability (HRV)? HRV is a proxy for stress. It is an overall measurement of your stress levels and encompasses physical stressors like physical workouts and nervous stressors.  Having a quantified measure of stress is valuable to help navigate…

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