Experience with successfully helping 2700+ chess GM.

I use evidence-based practices of optimal performance and turn them into an actionable plan you can follow and benefit from.


  • Sleep monitoring and sleep hygiene.
  • Nutritional best practices – including game day nutrition.
  • Jet lag management.


  • Personalised sports programme.
  • Bespoke periodised training plan to tackle long and difficult mind sports tournaments.
  • Endurance and/or strength training programme.


  • Practical, evidence-based mental preparation tools.
  • Breathwork, Mediation, Mindfullness.
  • Degree from the Sports Science department of the University Paris-Saclay: Techniques of Mental Optimisation (2021).

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Dealing with losses: avoid the second arrow

“When touched with a feeling of pain, the uninstructed run-of-the-mill person sorrows, grieves, laments, beats his breast, becomes distraught. So he feels two pains, physical and mental. Just as if they were to shoot a man with an arrow and, right afterwards, were to shoot him with another one, so that he would feel the…

Shining confidence

From time to time, you stumble upon a foreign language word that describes a concept or an idea you had noticed but had no words for it.  When I read the following:  If you see any of the great Tibetan teachers, they appear radiant even in very simple robes. This radiance that shines forth is…

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